The Woman’s March

The Woman’s March?

I’m angry with the current woman’s movement. All show and no action! Yet, they are willing to increase their numbers from the low income, middle/working class, young, old LGBT, immigrant, with the false illusion of change.

Creating a frenzy Madonna feels empowered, backed by her cronies to use phrases like    “Fuck You” and “I’m going to blow up the White house”. We as every day citizens would be incarcerated uttering these threats against the United States government, perhaps charged with sedition. Inciting violence against the President. To name a few charges that come to mind.

Then we have Ashley Judd reciting “Nasty Woman” written by Nina Mariah Donovan. Compared to Nina’s recital Judd’s spoken word version pales in comparison to the passion created by lived experience.

Really people do you think these woman give any thought to you and your life struggles?

Remember they are the 1% these woman are woman of privilege. They do not share our reality!

I’m angry that these woman and the organizing committees took advantage of your passion, hope and vision for change. They swelled their numbers, wasted your time, and lied to you.

Do you really think, these woman will lobby on your behalf to receive equal pay, increase affordable housing, better health care, civil rights, human rights, gender equality, more schools less prisons?

No change ever happens top down. Any change that will take place will have to come from organizing ourselves, standing in solidarity with those groups most oppressed and standing strong.

As they say “The Revolution will not be televised”!

“Please just Breath” take a step back, don’t get caught up in the hype . Yes we all want change, yes it’s very good to show our solidarity, but question always question. Are you being used as a pawn in someones game.

Your time is valuable, your experiences are just that yours, combined to create an individual like no other, and your struggle was not easy.

My hope is that this does become a movement of change, that our vision for a new world is birthed into reality because we have the vision.

As Arundhati Roy says:

“Another world is not only possible, she’s on the way and, on a quiet day, if you listen very carefully you can hear her breathe.”

Thanks for dropping by and reading my rant!

Please visit the links below and review the resume of the organizers.

Angela Davis’s speech is good, I’ve included the link.

I’ve also included Nina Donovan’s