Raid in Progress at Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farm 11:56 am on Friday October 2, 2015

We believe we live in a free country until we run into the insidious wall. We should have the right to eat and drink what we ourselves believe to be healthy for ourselves and our families.

The Bovine

We’ll be updating this post as new information trickles in:

Oct 4, 7:40 am Setu Sharma posted: “Did anyone notice this history in peaceful protest/civil disobedience happened on October 2nd? Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi who started this peaceful and very powerful method of protest against oppressive powers?” (from FB)

Michael Schmidt has spoken in the past about how Gandi’s model has been an inspiration for his work.

92.3 The DockStandoff at Schmidt Farm Ends Peacefully

National PostStory from Friday Oct 2

4:52 am Saturday Oct 3 — Marianne Else posted this video:

8:58 pm Oct 2 – David Gumpert’s readingof what went down and why and what it all means, from his “The Complete Patient” blog:

“For the first time since the latest raw milk wars began in 2006, people had stood up to the enforcers and physically blocked them from stealing their food. In Canada, of…

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