Genocide Denied

Today a discussion ensued with my partner on the contents of a book that is part of the curriculum of an Aboriginal studies program offered through the community college. Allegedly the book will dispel the many lies concerning Native people. The author attributes 3000 deaths of Indigenous children who were forced into the Residential schools in Canada. This statistic was released through the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”.

It breaks my heart that this myth is still being taught.

This is a gross under estimate perpetuated by the Canadian state and the Church. The schools were in operation from 1870 until 1990’s and it’s estimated that 150,000 children attended. The conditions were deplorable, to say the least.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission would have us believe that only 3000 children died when:

For over a hundred years these institutions were in operation.
Survivors speak of physical, mental, sexual, abuse.
Deplorable living conditions
Rampant Tuberculosis.
1942 malnutrition test were conducted in a few schools (Starving children in the name of science).

7000 people found the courage to share their stories.

In 1922 Dr. P, H. Bryce, M.A., M.D. Chief Medical Officer of the Indian Department. Published a report THE STORY of A NATIONAL CRIME AN APPEAL FOR JUSTICE to the INDIANS OF CANADA.

“Regarding the health of the pupils, the report states that 24 per cent, of all the pupils which had been in the schools were known to be dead, while of one school on the File Hills reserve, which gave a complete return to date, 75 per cent, were dead at the end of the 16 years since the school opened.”

Any thinking person, can deduce that the numbers do not add up. It’s appalling that the Canadian state refuses to take responsibility for the crimes that it perpetrated upon the Original People.